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Earring is among the many things which display the beauty of a woman. As far as beauty is concerned, the earrings are a part of women beauty. However like the beauty it dissipates in a woman, then the earring needs a sophisticated display cabinet for storing. Are you looking for a display cabinet for your earring? Are you tired of searching for your earring every time you need to work out of your apartment? Then worry no more. Here we solve your problems. Introducing the new, outstanding and eye-catching earring display cabinet which is double-sided rotates and more so lockable. Moreover, the Earring display cabinets rotatable-lockable comes with dimensions of W.25.5CM by H.37CM by D.11CM. The most outstanding feature about this display cabinet is the Earring case is made double sided and moreover rotatable. The modern Earring display cabinets comes with a pair of keys(mostly four pairs) and a lock; this means you can manually lock your precious earring inside the cabinet. The cabinet contains two sides, two keys among the four keys opens one end of the cabinet will the remaining two opens the other side. The display cabinet whatsoever is suitable for displaying precious earring. Furthermore, the display cabinet comes with from a high-quality acrylic material which reinforces the entire earring display cabinets. Remember before disposing of any bubble wrap, ensure you have all the four keys. FEATURES OF EARRING DISPLAY CABINET, DOUBLE SIDED, ROTATES AND LOCKABLE Below are some exclusive features of the Earring display cabinet: Double-sided cabinet The earring display cabinet comes with a lockable property Wide and Spacious PROS Supports multiple earrings Perfect display unit Rotating and lockable counter display Clean, professional finishing The Earring display cabinet do not compromise on quality CONS Highly fragile FINAL VERDICT Just like the beauty, it reflects on a woman; the Earrings display cabinet is one of a kind. As you can see, its outstanding features meet every woman or men need. I highly recommend this Earring cabinet to all individuals who need a classic compliment display for their precious Earrings.

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