Importance of Precision Scales in the Jewellery Industry

Precise weighing and precision scales are like Adam & Eve in any business you name these days. The importance of these digital scales can never be emphasized enough, especially when it comes to jewellery businesses. If you’ve ever stepped in a jewelry shop or at least come across one, chances are high that you’ve had your eye on handy digital scales used by the jewellery business owners or employees. Apparently, they always keep precision scales handy that can be either digital mini pocket scales or table top professional scales. Jewellers especially, rely a lot on these handy digital scales or balances for assessing the quality of any jewelry as well as counting gems oftentimes. However, the specific type of jewellery precision scales you need can depend on your individual requirements. This post will shed light on not only some of the important aspects so as to choose which scale is perfect for your needs, but also the features that can help you get your hands on the  best precision jewellery scales.

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Common Functionality of Jewellery Precision Scales

First of all, you need to ensure that your jewellery precision scale has the units required to balance or weigh in your gems or jewelleries. Though grams are the most important units that your scale must have, but some other units such as carats, pennyweights, mommes, grains, troy ounces can certainly come in handy and helpful both for your jewellery business. If you intend selling by weight, which is in the case of jewellery, your scale must be approved by the concerned regulating authority. Nevertheless, this is not just applicable to jewellery, but also comes in effect for precious gems, metals or even scrap jewelry. Weighing scales that are used for counting may not be helpful that much when you sell jewellery by weight, but can prove to be beneficial when you are creating customer jewelleries with beads or other small materials. Another aspect that you need to bring in under consideration is the readability and capacity of the precision scales. If you are selling small gems, then you might need higher readability scales like diamond carat scales that can read smallest gem weight and vice versa, if you are dealing with raw materials, you should go for higher capacity scales over readability. On Balance Scales are a perfect brand to select.

Density Reading Scales

Another aspect when it comes to finding the right type of precision scales is the density determination. Low balance weighing kits and density kits can help you determine the density of the materials and set their price accordingly. Jewellery business owners who work with precious metals or gems can conduct density tests to find out the density of the materials and then sell them based on their density prices. It also helps them in assessing the quality based on density, since authenticity of a gem is directly related to its density. However, your gems should not have anything attached to it, otherwise the results are not accurate.

Types of Scales

Precision scales are ideal for weighing raw gem materials as they will be cut into finer pieces later and sold as jewelry. These are must have for any jewellery shop you visit and can certainly show you the right weighing results.

Analytical scales can help you determine the density of a precious metal or gem. Most times the density are checked in water test but for gems, heavy liquids are used. These liquid density can be checked through analytical scales. They are top loading balance scales offering precise weight.

Jewellery and pawn shops depends a lot on these scales as they can help them weigh accurately and also bring into light the authenticity of the products.

Compact scales: These scales are prefect laboratory scales and are available as digital mini pocket scales too. These precision scales come with internal calibrations that proves to be handy since it saves a lot of time. They are easily portable and comes with shields for protecting the scales from outside weight disturbing elements such as breeze.