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Organza Bags - 12 July 2017

New range of organza bags now in stock. Blingin has just received a huge container load of organza bags. New colours to the range will include green and orange, and we will be restocking some of our other most popular colours such as white, red, pink, purple, blue, silver and gold.

Great quality organza bags at affordable prices. Great for gift wrapping jewellery products, candles, candy and other small items. All come with drawstring and our also ideal as bonbonierie gifts when you add some sugar almonds. Organza bags can also be sued as favour bags. So why not buy some and create your own thank you gift for all your guest.

Our organza bags are also available in plain colours with patterned swirls. The patterned swirls on all our organza bags add a touch of elegance to the bag and they are ideal for candy bars at weddings, or use them as a party candy bag.

Whatever your use, organza bags are a versatile and cost effective. We sell them in wholesale lots of 100 and we offer great quantity discount when purchasing large quantities.

Also, not to forget our range of velvet bags. Available in beige, blue, red and black our quality velvet bags are very popular with jewellery retailers. Velvet bags are a great way to present and gift wrap your jewellery piece. Velvet bags are more cost effective then using gift boxes.

All our velvet bags come with drawstring and available in two sizes. we have a constant supply of velvet bags so why not purchase some from a trusted supplier. We guarantee the quality and offer fast shipping Australia Wide.


Jewellery Gift Boxes - 20 May 2017

Massive range of jewellery gift boxes have just arrived by the container load. We have cardboard gift boxes, premium wooden gift boxes and leatherette gift boxes. We have gift boxes with bows and ribbons, we have plain gift boxes we have gift boxes with gold or silver trim just to name a few.

Our range of cardboard gift boxes are made from the best quality materials. Very solid boxes and ideal for sending in the post. We have earring gift boxes, pendant gift boxes, necklace gift boxes, watch gift boxes, bracelet gift boxes, bangle gift boxes, and set gift boxes. Some of our cardboard gift boxes have gold or silver trim and all gift boxes come with foam inserts. Starting from under one dollar per box, our cardboard gift box range are an economical way to gift wrap your jewellery.

If cardboard gift boxes are not your style and you want a more upmarket gift box then try out our range of leatherette gift boxes. Leatherette meaning the gift boxes are made from materials to create a leather feel to the box and hence giving the box a more professional look. Our leatherette gift boxes come in many styles and colours, they are all sold individually but discounts start to apply when you purchase more. We have leatherette ring gift boxes, earring gift boxes, bracelet gift boxes, necklace gift boxes, watch gift boxes, and pendant gift boxes. check out our leatherette gift box range now.

Now if you are after a even more professional look jewellery gift box, then you need to try out our premium wooden gift boxes. Made from wood, these gift boxes are ideal for gold and diamond jewellery. These gift boxes are very solid and made from the best materials. We have a number of different sizes and styles available for earrings, rings, necklace and pendants.

So whatever your budget or style we have the gift box for you. Great quality jewellery gift boxes, available in leatherette, cardboard and wooden material. all our jewellery gift boxes come ready made so there is no assembly required.


Hat Displays and Handbag Displays - April 2017

We are happy to announce our new range fashion displays. These include our premium and budget handbag displays and hat display stands. We also have a large range of clothes rack, sunglass and eye wear stands, scarf stands and premium hand displays.

All our handbag displays and hat displays are made from the highest quality materials. They are a great way to showcase and display all your handbags and hats. Please also note that the majority of our hat displays are suitable as wig displays, beanie displays, and cap displays. We have many different styles and sizes available and the majority of the handbag displays are adjustable in height.

We all know how important presentation is, and we guarantee these hat displays and handbag displays will get your products noticed. whether you have a boutique store, retail store or selling at the markets we have a wide range of fashion displays to suit all budgets.

Not only do we stock a huge range of hat display stands and handbag display stands but we have an extensive range of premium hand displays. These hand display are suitable for displaying gloves, rings and bracelets. They will add a touch of class to your store and will definitely draw attention to your centre piece. These hand displays are made from the highest quality materials and have a very premium look and finish.

As part of our fashion display range we also have a wide range of clothing racks. We have spiral clothing racks, lingerie racks, swimwear racks, collapsible clothing racks, 2 way and 4 way clothes racks and lots more. All our clothing racks are made from quality materials with chrome finish. Suitable for any retail stores and market stores.

Lastly we would like to mention are range of sunglass displays or eye wear displays, scarf displays, and footwear displays. Great acrylic stands to display your sunglasses,eye wear, scarves and shoes.

Please feel free to explore our new range of fashion displays and if you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us on (02) 9727 7378.


Organza Pouches - September 2016

We have recently received a large order of organza bags and velvet bags. Please take time to view our full range of organza bags. Back in stock are the white organza bags which have been very popular with our customers. Ideal for use as Bombonierie gifts and gift bags for jewellery pieces. Whatever your needs are we have the size and colour you are after. Our range continues to increase and over the next few months we will be adding more colours.

Not only do we have a wide selection of organza bags but we have a huge range of velvet bags. Our velvet bags are very popular with retail jewellery stores. The velvet bags are very high quality and are a great way to present your jewellery items in when making a sale. We sell thousands of them a week so why not give them a go and see how it can add a touch of class to your business.

All our organza bags and velvet bags come in packs of 100 and if you search around to compare prices you will find that we have one of the best prices per bag. This is because we sell in wholesale lots of 100 and as a result we are able to offer the organza bags at a cheaper price. We also but bulk quantities of organza bags from our suppliers which enables us to deliver the savings to you.


Necklace Displays and Necklace Busts - August 2016

We have previously talked about our extensive range of jewellery displays. Today we will be focusing on necklace bust, necklace displays and bracelet displays.

Blingin has been in business for over 8 years now and the one question we always get asked is "what type of bracelet display or necklace display stand do you recommend?" this question is not always easy to answer and there is no right or wrong answer. What we tell all our customers is that it comes down to personal preference and style. No matter what style, colour or material you choose its always going to look great.

Whether you choose a necklace display or a necklace bust it doesn't really matter, because by using these displays you have already enhanced the overall appeal of your product. Same goes with whether you choose a 3 tier bracelet display stand or a single tier bracelet display stand, it makes little difference.

Lets make things a little easier, in terms of the size of the jewellery display you use, this will depend on the amount of space you have available, alot of people particularly market stall holders are limited by space. For those who do not have the space restrictions we recommend purchasing varying sizes. This will create an eye catching display which will grab the attention of potential customers.

The style of the displays depends on what type of jewellery products you sell. This is one of the hardest decisions to make. Do you go for wide style necklace bust? or narrow style? or square shape? or round shape necklace display? Should you purchase a single tier bracelet display? or a three tier bracelet display? In order to determine the style you are after you need to work out what type of jewellery you are selling (gold/silver/costume), how many different designs do you carry and how much jewellery you have. By knowing the answers to these questions you can make a more informative decision as to the style and shape you require.

In regards to the material you can either go a leatherette material or a velvet material. Leatherette displays are easy to maintain and clean, where as velvet material is harder to keep clean as it attracts the dust very easily. But having said this the velvet material gives a more posh and expensive look to your products and gives the impression the piece of jewellery is elegant and valuable.

So as you can see there are many different types of necklace displays and bracelet displays available. Not only that you have different styles and colours to choose from. At the end of the day it comes down to your personnel preference and trust us, whatever you decide on you will be happy with your decision.

Jewellery Gift Boxes - June 2016

Jewellery gift boxes are a great way to present your jewellery when making a sale. Customers will often ask for a jewellery gift box when they make a purchase from you, especially when it is a piece of jewellery for a loved one. There is nothing worse then buying a gift for a friend, family member or loved one and giving it to them in a plastic or paper bag. As a result it is important you carry jewellery gift boxes at all times. Sometimes this can even be the game breaker. For example lets say you have a customer who is interested in purchasing a set of earrings, they really like it but not too sure because it is quite expensive. At this point in time the customer is 50/50 whether to buy or walk away. By offering a free gift box with their purchase if they buy it today, more often than not this will result in a sale.

Gift boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. We have earring gift boxes, necklace gift boxes, ring gift boxes, bracelet gift boxes, pendant gift boxes and even multi gift boxes which can hold a combination of earrings, rings and necklace and pendant. So how do we decide what type of gift box to buy? Gift boxes are made from a variety of materials, the most common being cardboard and leatherette which is a fake man made material made to look like leather. We also have wooden gift boxes and flock gift boxes. Choosing the correct jewellery gift box for you will depend on your budget and the look you want to achieve. For instance if you have a small budget or just selling costume and fashion jewellery then the cardboard gift boxes would be your best option as they will always be the cheapest option. If you are trying to achieve an up market look or you sell expensive jewellery like gold, then you would opt for the leatherette or wooden gift boxes. Leatherette gift boxes can range anywhere between 5-10 dollars per box and wooden gift boxes are about the same price. 

Some suppliers sell gift boxes which are flat packed which means you have to out them together. These type of gift boxes are often made from thin cardboard and not strong. However they are popular as wedding bombonierie boxes.

The quality of jewellery gift boxes can also vary a lot. Some suppliers sell very cheap gift boxes usually in bulk lots at very cheap prices. The majority of these gift boxes are made from China and are very poor quality and poor finish. At Blingin you can rest assure that our jewellery gift boxes are made from high quality materials and the quality is second to none. Unlike a lot of our suppliers are gift boxes come from Korea and not China.

Organza Bags - April 2016

Organza bags are a great way to gift wrap any type of products. Ideally suited for gift wrapping Jewellery items, but now days many people have begun to realise the versatility of organza bags. Organza bags which are also often referred to as organza pouches are used for many purposes. For instance, organza bags are a great way to hold almonds and use them as bomboniere gifts at weddings, and while we are on the subject of weddings, organza bags are also useful as candy bags for weddings that have a candy bar.

Organza pouches are also ideal as favour bags. What better way to thank all your guest for attending that all important baby shower, christening, or birthday with an organza bag filled with lots of goodies. More recent trend such as customers making their own scented candles find that organza bags are a great way to gift wrap their candles. it adds a touch of class to their business and products.

Sometimes people often confuse organza bags with other names such as drawstring bags, sheer bags, mesh bags, fabric bags and some people call them favor bags. But whatever you call them organza bags are very popular with alot of small business. Why you may ask? Organza pouches are popular with alot of small business and in particular home business because organza bags are very cheap and inexpensive. They can cost as little as 15 cents per bag which is pretty much next to nothing. Not only are they cheap but they look great as well. By packaging your products inside organza pouches you are adding style and character to your item.

Next time your out to purchase some organza bags take a minute or two and do some research. Work out the cost per bag and if you can purchase them from a supplier that sells 100 organza bags at 15 cents per bag as compared to someone else who sells 50 organza bags at 20 cents per bag, then take the cheaper option provided you will use them all. Organza bags last forever, they are not a perishable good. So by them in bulk and keep them until your ready to use them.

Also keep in mind when purchasing organza bags that these drawstring bags can often be poor quality. Its hard to determine good quality form bad so its pretty much all about experimenting and finding the best supplier in terms and quality and price. Another issue is availability. Some suppliers only carry a few thousand in the warehouse and when the are sold out it can sometimes take months for new stock to arrive. Measurements and dimensions is another issue. because organza bags have a drawstring you need to ask the supplier whether the measurements are taken from top to bottom of the organza bag or from where the drawstring starts. If you fail to ask this you may end up purchasing a bag that is not the right size for your purpose. So as you can see there are a few key factors that should be taken into consideration when buying drawstring bags.

Here at Blingin we stock a huge range of sizes and colours, we carry plenty of stock and our dimensions are stated clearly in all our product descriptions. So whatever your occasion we have the right organza bag for you. All our organza pouches are sold in packs of 100, which is the reason we can sell them so cheap when compared with other suppliers which charge you up to twice as much and sometimes even three times more then our wholesale price.