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“Great range of jewellery displays”

The way you present your jewellery will have a huge impact on whether it gets noticed by your customers, and therefore on your sales. Even the most beautiful piece can go unnoticed if not properly displayed.

That’s why it’s vital to invest in high-quality jewellery displays that will see your stock stand out – and sell.

At Blingin, we have a wide range of display units available to suit most jewellery. These include bracelet display stands, necklace busts to show off your necklaces, ring cones and velvet holders, jewellery trays, display cases, watch holders, earring stands and holders for studs and drop earrings, and much more. The huge variety means you are guaranteed to find something to beautifully and effectively showcase almost any piece, and to complement the look and style of your store.

These displays are simple and elegant, to help ensure your jewellery gets its time to shine.

To find out more about any of our jewellery displays, please call (02) 9727 7378 (or 0410 123 888 if the matter is urgent), or send an email to

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New Products For January - JEWELLERY DISPLAYS

Earring Display Cabinet Sterling Silver
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Save: 30% off
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